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The Kevin Francis Face Pots Collection

Kevin Francis Face Pots are made in Staffordshire England hand painted Bristish Pottery.

Fitting snugly into the palm of your hand, each Face Pot contains a quote from the person or animal portrayed. Lift up the face, peek inside and be inspired by the great personalities of History. From the enigma of Salvador Dali to the compelling oratory of Winston Churchill, each Face Pot has a compelling story to tell.

The characters range from politicians to pets, the world of human and animal endeavor has been celebrated with releases ranging in numbers from 1 to 900.

Introduced in 2000 by Kevin Pearson and the art pottery team of Kevin Francis, Face Pots became an immediate success and have created a whole new genre of pottery commemoratives. Drawing on 18C Japanese Netsuke design combined with the best of Art Pottery and the English Toby Jug tradition has produced something really rather special.

Collectibility has always been a keen factor in determining subjects and buyers will find an amazing range of characters to collect.